Greek Mythology Research Paper

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I will talk about the Greek myths that have travels within them:
- Arion and the Dolphin: The myth starts in Corinth. Corinth was governed at that time by Periander. Periander loved art and music. Arion was the most famous musician at that time, so he lived with Periander so that he could be performing music to him all the time. Arion was invited to Sicily (to a festival) so he could touch the lyre doing a performance (a lyre is a small instrument which has some strings) in exchange with a lot of gold. So, Arion travelled from Corinth to Sicily by boat and did his concert and got well paid for this. When he was going to go back, he got another boat, and the sailors that were going to take him back heard that they where going to
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He was married to a nymph, Eurydice. They were very very deeply in love. One day, Eurydice went of dancing through the hills and tripped with a snake. This snake bit her, and the poison of the snake killed her instantly. When Orpheus heard the news about his wife, he was devastated. After days of being devastated by her death, he got his lyre and travelled to the entrance of the underworld, the world of the dead, ruled by Hades. In the entrance of the underworld there is the River Styx where the ferryman of Hades, called Charon, was there on his boat. When Orpheus asked him to take him into the kingdom of the underworld, Charon refused as mortals could not go in. Then Orpheus started playing his lyre and convinced Charon to take him to the kingdom of the underworld, where Hades was. The journey through the River Styx towards Hades was a nightmare: Orpheus first had to pass through asphodel fields (fields that where haunted by ghosts), then he had to pass through Tartarus (the prison of the underworld) and lastly had to pass near Cerberus (Hades three-headed dog) while this one tried to tear you apart. He finally got to the kingdom of the underworld where the god Hades and Persephone where. Hades, amazed to see a mortal in the underworld asked him why he was there, and Orpheus through a song with his lyre sang to Hades and Persephone Eurydice’s tragic story, and asked if there was any way that they could return Eurydice back to the world of mortals. Hades, got moved by his story and accepted to set Eurydice free to the living world under one condition: Orpheus was to do his way through the River Styx back to the mortal world, and Eurydice would go behind him, but he was not to look back to see if she was going with him behind him until he was already out of the underworld. Orpheus agreed but didn’t completely trust Hades, but he stepped again on the boat with Charon and
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