Greek Nationalism Dbq Analysis

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As the revolutionary ideas of nationalism spread throughout Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, many groups of people pushed for their autonomy of their nation. During this time many Greeks living in an Ottoman ruled land appealed for independence. As time passed the Greeks further fought for an independent state with more outside opposition coming against the Ottoman claim to rule over lands. As more support came to the appeal for sovereignty, it eventually led to war, leading to now an independent Greek state. As it is seen in the documents, the difference of nationalities, also lends to the differing of opinions of the conditions and characters of the Greeks, during their fight for independence, as the Greeks, Turks and outside…show more content…
Since they greatly opposed any separation in the first place they saw that the Greeks during this time as mischievous. In document 2, Mustapha III, a Turkish sultan, sees the Greeks as robbers and evildoers because they are destroying order and peace. This documents sheds light on how the Greeks were perceived as people just rousing up trouble and had no just cause into the things they were doing. For document 9, Valid Pasha, a Turkish governor believed that the Greeks were going around creating uncalled for trouble because they were defending Christianity which was never really threatened. In an overall sense the Turks viewed the Greeks as a destructive force towards…show more content…
The French were very pro-Greek for their independence. Through document 3, Claude Etienne Savary, being French scholar, sees the Greek cause as righteous, because through his travels about the lands he has seen many crimes committed by the Ottomans. He explains in the document how they have been horrifyingly oppressive to the Greeks. The drawing depicted in document 11, illustrates the Greeks as the protectors for Christianity against the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Although most English were open and saw the Greeks as trustworthy, some were suspicious of the Greeks plans. As in document 5 where, James Dallaway, a chaplain to the English community, believed that the Greeks were trouble makers and they were scheming something. In documents 1, 7 and 8 it is describe how the Greeks have been useful to the world but the Ottomans with their rules are oppressing them. In document 1 it describes how the once lively cities in Greece are now dead since the Ottomans have taken rule. It is illustrated how the Greeks must be free so their knowledge and history which has so greatly influenced the world will not be further damaged. Document 8 shows the oppression and the tyranny that the Ottomans inflict onto the Greeks in the form of wars and slavery. In an overall sense it seen that the world powers
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