Greek Organizations Impact On Student Life

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Growing up with two older sisters, things were easier for me. From my sister’s experiences with growing up, I was able to take their experience and mainly learn from it. Colleges and universities is a big phase for one’s life and I got an idea of what college was like through my older sisters while I was in high school. The famous social organization, sororities and fraternities, is common among the American college culture. They consist of sisterhood/brotherhood that are based on rituals and creeds that indicates services, friendship, leadership, and academic achievements. While I didn’t know much about it at the time, my sisters were members of the Sigma Phi Omega at Cal State Long Beach. The dedication to the organization was intensive from watching them leave early for class to coming home late at night to staying up late to study and the cycle repeats.…show more content…
For a while, I thought to myself, why do these college organizations cause such negative impact to a student’s life? From what I assume the Greek organization should provide a positive aspect and beneficial impact on a student’s education but from listening to different stories and watching my sisters go through their experiences in Sigma Phi Omega, it seem like it can be emotionally and physically harmful for a student. Fraternities and sororities on college campuses can have a negative impact on a student’s education and life; therefore, administration should consider strict regulations due to various reasons of

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