Greek Pride Research Paper

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What are your thoughts on pride? In Greek mythology pride or “Hubris” as they call it, has always been portrayed as a very bad thing.I for one agree that pride is as bad as the Greeks express it to be. Pride is a terrible trait to have and the Greeks showed that whoever had an inappropriate amount of pride, would always get served with karma. I have three reasons to support my opinion on pride. First being that pride changes a person (In a negative way). Furthermore, pride can cause destruction, for yourself or others. Thus leading to my last reasoning, that pride can cause people to do regretful/horrible things. These actions, as a consequence, will lead them to invite karma. In my opinion, I believe that Hubris or pride can change a person.…show more content…
People driven into absolute madness will do things they should regret but do not. Pride can cause other negative feelings such as jealousy, envy, and aggression. It can also influence the unreasonable actions people make. No matter what, in the end, karma will always get the person back. Like in the story of Daedalus you see that he contains so much pride to the extent that he killed his nephew. But at the end of the story, Daedalus has to witness the death of his own son,(Icarus was also consumed by pride). With Daedalus and Icarus both trapped in a maze, Daedalus creates wings for him and his son. As history repeated itself Icarus was filled with just as much pride and overconfidence.While flying Daedalus becomes tired and starts to fall asleep. Icarus sees this as a chance to fly closer to the sun, believing he could make it before his father awoke. Flying too high led to the wings burning and Daedalus was forced to witness the death of his son before his very eyes. Karma found a way back to him and he couldn’t do anything about it. Which teaches that pride will only influence negative feelings upon ourselves and can end up hurting us as
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