Greek Religion Vs Roman Religion

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Traditional Roman Religion is different to other religions in that it is derived from different sources whereas other religions, such as Christianity, normally evolve in a linear way. What I mean by this is that Christianity, for example, went from Judaism straight to Christianity without any other religions involved whereas Romans took parts from other religion to suit their lifestyle. Traditional Roman religion is mainly derived from Greek religion and Etruscan religion. Romans believe that there is no personal relationship between them and their gods, or if there is it is not necessarily a positive one and that to survival and flourish in the world you have to be on their “good side”, and this means keeping the pax deorum and angering the…show more content…
Romans believe that their gods are all powerful beings who don’t necessarily care or respect human life, and that there is no relationship between them. Romans can only please the gods to stay on their good side by doing work or giving them sacrifices. Contrary to roman believe Christians believe that there is a relationship between every single living person and God and no one needs to do any work to be on God’s good side. Christians believe that all they need to do is believe that God sent his only son to die for our sins so that we will be saved. Christians also believe that God loves every living thing which is different to roman religion where their gods don’t care about them. Another key difference between the two religions is the founding or creation of the religions. Christianity is derived from Judaism; in fact it is actually Judaism after the Messiah has died for our sins, in comparison, traditional roman religion is taken from Rome’s various neighbours which Romans have conquered. Romans made their religion by taking parts from other colonies around them that fit with their lifestyles, the most famous of these is the Greek gods which the Romans took and changed to suit them. Contrary to Christians traditional roman religion was much intertwined with their political…show more content…
This shows us that both religions think very highly of their respective gods and thinks they are all powerful, whether it will be out of fear that something bad will happen or out of love. Another similarity is that both religions have a sacred place to pray and worship, Romans have their temples and Christians have their churches, this shows that both religions have gotten to the point where an entire buildings are needed nationwide. This bring me to the final similarity which is that both religions have been the dominant religion of the western world at some point in time, Traditional roman religion was the dominant religion because it was the roman’s religion when they conquered the western world which automatically made it the dominant religion and Christianity was made the dominant religion by emperor Constantine, who used Christianity to gain supporters for his campaign and in doing so has changed the western world

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