G & D's Restaurant Case Study

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Located inside a strip mall off one of the busiest roads in Columbia, lies a family owned business that started back in 1977 by two brothers who came from Greece called G&D’s. Alex and Pano said that they wanted to provide their customers a friendly environment with quality food. These two brothers created an inviting, family style dining that brought people from their traditional stay at home dinner to come experience what the Greek atmosphere they had to offer, just a couple of minutes away. At first glance, all a family would see is an illuminated sign on the outside that says G&D’s, but once they walk through the first set of doors they will find themselves in a corridor of a little strip mall. As they finally make their way inside the…show more content…
In addition, people who do not have kids will appreciate the loads of memorabilia along the walls from past sports teams, as well as some pictures of old Greek buildings and famous landscapes of Greece. As for how the restaurant was laid out, it was obvious the two brothers wanted to jam pack as many people as they could into the space they had. There were plenty of tables in the open area of the room. Booths lined the side walls and a row of booths running down the middle of the restaurant; thus, only leaving two or three feet in between the tables and booths for people to walk. The salad bar is towards the front of the restaurant, but still in the middle of all the commotion. This centralizes a lot of the attention towards the front of the room and towards the open kitchen, where the aroma of freshly cut bell peppers and searing steaks wafts from, filling the rest of the room, teasing people who have yet to receive their…show more content…
He gives the individuals some handshakes and thanks them from coming in and he explains he cannot wait till they make it back. This gives customers a sense of appreciation and gives them a personal connection with the restaurant and its employees, making families want to come back again and again. Although G&D’s is not a five-star restaurant, it stills brings a unique Greek experience closer to Mid-Missouri

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