Greek Theatre Research Paper

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Theater is a form of fine art, which uses the live performers to present the experience of a real or imagined event to audiences in the specific place. There are two main categories of the theater, which is the serious(including tragedy) and comic. Tragedy is the dramatic composition with an unhappy ending. Nevertheless, comedy is different with the tragic drama. It makes the audiences to get laughter. Moreover, the classical Greek, Elizabethan, and modern theaters have the different conventions, but modern theater gets influenced from the classical tragedy.
The debate of scholars was the origin of the classical Greek tragedy. The masked performers start to play and sing in an open-air theatre. They usually perform about the Greek mythology. Additionally, the playwright directs all the play. The basic characteristics of the ancient Greece dramas are hamartia, hubris, peripeteia, anagorisis, nemesis, and catharsis. At the beginning of the classical theater, there were 12 choruses of men, but Sophocles increases the personnel to 15; and it became as the standard form of the classical drama. "Oedipus Rex" is one of Sophocles ' the most popular plays on the world. People applause "Oedipus" is the model of the classical tragedy. Furthermore, Sophocles depicts the protagonist 's
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Modern theater began in the late 19th century and developed after WW II. It requires the characters, plot, theme, and dialogue. Furthermore, people perform on the limited place, because of that audience could feel closer to actors and inspire them. Modern drama 's characteristics are interdisciplinary and transitory. There is a biggest difference between the classical theater and modern theatre, which is female can perform in the modern theater. For instance, "A Doll 's House" by Henrik Ibsen, its protagonist is "Nora Helmer," and she leaves her house to find herself. In addition, it is based on the realism; therefore, the modern dramatists write about the common people, middle classes '
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