Oedipus And Antigone Analysis

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Greek tragedies are disturbing stories that make it seems like the hero is destined to commit self-harm. For instance take Sophocles play 's Oedipus the King and Antigone, where both their destines meet its toll. Oedipus the King was written first, the play begins with the kingdom of Thebes under a pelage because someone killed former king Liaus. Oedipus being the solicitous individual that he is commits to finding the culprit without knowing he is condemning himself. Oedipus had to go through several individuals to realize he is his father 's murder and his prophesied was fellfield when it was said he would kill his father and marry his mother. This insightful information leads Oedipus to stab his eyes out and condemn himself to exile, and…show more content…
In both plays it starts off with both Oedipus and Antigone already dedicated to achieve what they desire. One can see that Antigone does in fact seem to share some of her father 's traits, she developed his characteristics from several years she took care of him after he was exiled. This is not the only thing they have in common they both seem to share the same strong willed character when faced against an obstacle, not letting anyone stand in their way of achieving what it is they want. They are also angered easily, when Teiresias tells Oedipus he does not want to know who the real murdered is Oedipus becomes offensive and his true vial character came to life. As for Antigone she became anger with her sister, Ismene, when she refused to help her bury their brother. Over all they are prideful individuals who withhold their stubbornness. For example when Oedipus, was not willing to yield to Liaus where the three rode 's meet and instead he decided to kill him for it and Antigone although it was the law that forbade her from burring her brother she decided to disobey and follow what was right to her. The also performed over the top self-harm; if they were not so dramatic they could of prevent their own deaths and the others around…show more content…
Besides the obvious factor that they have a different genders Oedipus and Antigone are not as similar as the chorus says. Unlike her father Antigone is not blinded by what is right in front of her; an article says "She is always aware of the glory of her deed and dies for love in the largest sense of the word, but her concurrent awareness of her youth and her loss of earthly love humanize her. This reveals that Antigone is unlike her father, but it also reveals that Antigone cares deeply about her family and doing that is right. Antigone is also more self-aware then her father, she knows her position and what she wants she makes it clear that being a women is not an obstacle for who she is and what she wants to

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