Green Agenda Research Paper

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In this research paper I will be discussing South Africa’s climate change response strategy with regards to the Green Agenda. I will also be discussing what the City of Cape Town has done to address access opportunities, resources and services provision in the city with regards to the Brown agenda.
1. Green Agenda
This agenda refers to the impact we as human beings have on the ecological system. An example of this impact would be Global warming that the world is currently experiencing. Its first order of impact is on the health of the ecological system. This agenda is a timely process which means its impacts and effects show over a longer period of time. Because ecological effects can’t be contained to just a small area or part of the world
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It has to do with the human activity and our response to climate change. This is also what links the two agendas. This agenda focuses on what happens now therefore it’s timing is immediate unlike The Green agenda the brown agenda’s focus is on a local rather than global stage. Social issues cannot be separated from the environment. Human beings are an important part of the earth system. The relevant social issues include “imbalances” in patterns of production and consumptions resulting in unequal access to information resources and services and the challenges presented to individuals and groups by poverty disease unemployment, crime and environmental injustice. The Brown Agenda focuses on the vulnerabilities of the urban poor. Human livelihoods in urban areas. Prevention, management and recovery from disasters or setbacks and the fulfilments of basic human needs such as food, housing, medical facilities, sanitations, infrastructures, waste management, generation equality and quality of life notably the brown agenda concerns the immediate localized health related effects of human activity that often have particular bearing on low income groups
3. Brown and Green Agenda in contrast
Both the Green and Brown Agendas are in contrast with each other the Green agenda focuses on “less” accept when it comes to conservation, amongst other things, it means less water borne sewerage, less waste generation and less urban residential land.
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“By building resilience means that is will make the city more safe and sustainable. The City views urban resilience as a core factor in achieving its strategic objectives of building a safe caring opportunity, inclusive and well-run city. Therefore, the city is committed to building resilience to urban challenges that leave households vulnerable to social , environmental and economic shocks” (Government, 2017) Other principles would be Transformation of the built environment through transit-orientated development, Governance reform, Customer Centricity, Transversal

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