Green Bay Packers Essay

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The NFL is both a public and private group of franchises. All teams, except the green bay packers, are privately owned. Franchises that are private are either owned by shareholders who own the largest portion of the team, or are owned by a single individual. The green bay packers have many owners that create a board of directors that manage the team when decisions are made. Green bay is a smaller market in the NFL, so basically you can say overall the NFL is privately owned. The national football league has been a nonprofit organization for some time now, but they are looking to drop that label. The NFL makes a lot of money, and in their opinion the benefits to becoming profit outweighs the obvious thing that they will have to start paying…show more content…
The stadium is one of two stadiums, which cost a billion dollars to construct, and the exact figure was $1.19 billion. Of that massive amount, 444 million came from public funding. The building of the massive advance, and expensive stadium had a few tax increases to help offset this and help pay it back. The increases in taxes include; 0.5% city sales tax increase, 2.0% city hotel tax increase, 5.0% city car rental tax increase, 10% admissions tax increase, 3.5% parking tax increase. In a lot of cases where tax increases come, the stadium is paid of faster than expected. The Texas Rangers also built a ballpark, and it was paid of faster than expected. The tax increases may seem small, but when added up over time the balance gets paid off. The fourth Stadium that I researched was the Sports Authority Field at Mile High Denver, which is the home of the Denver Broncos. The mile high was built in 2001. The project cost $400.8 million and $289 million of that funding was from public sources. The mile high has a somewhat mythic status about it, because when players can’t adapt they suffer in performance because of the elevation and decreased oxygen content. Considering that the team’s last non-sellout game was in 1969, it’s safe to say the team fills the large stadium. The stadium was renovated and helps fuel the Denver
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