Green Bay Packers Pros And Cons

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The Green Bay Packers are (in my opinion) a fantastic NFL football team!! Possibly the best!! Lately thought the Packers have, well, sucked. (To be honest!) There record is 7-4 and well to me that 's somewhat awful for a team that can do SO much more! I know they have lost Jordy Nelson (Wide Reciever #87) for the whole season with a torn ACL (during preseason) and that 's really tough! Now, mind you the Packers are still managing without him, but it 's not the same! Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback #12) has been just handing the ball to Eddie Lacy (Running Back #27) and even though he is a huge guy with a lot of talent, it doesn 't always help the Packers much to only move 5 or 10 yards in one play. Also Rodgers like to throw to Davante Adams
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