Green Beret Unit Case Study

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trained killer from a Green Beret Unit. CID was fine observing and identify Greeley as AWOL(Away without official leave), but they also felt hard pressed to take Greeley under custody since he might not be willing. In both cases it would be necessary for the Green Beret unit to police itself. It was the proverbial chicken/egg scenario. The Unit command could not allow one of its own to just leave. This would create moral problems, this war was unpopular, to allow one of their own to troll the streets back in America without the standard debrief would only court certain disaster. The solution turned out to be simple. Send one of their own to “chase” and apprehend Greeley. If Greeley resisted and killed the chaser, CID could move in quickly and kill Greeley. Typically when a soldier was AWOL, the MPI(Military Police Investigators) undertook the chase. But they would face the same issue as civilian law enforcement and CID faced.…show more content…
By any measure and beyond the Special Forces Unit is the most elite human fighting machine in the world. They are specific to special operations and psychological warfare. They are trained in all aspects of warfare and killing. This information was not shared with McCoy. What was shared was the need for a quick, quiet extraction. It was stressed that Greeley might be unstable, as a last alternative fatal force could be used. McCoy would not be held accountable as long as the mission was kept quiet. If McCoy was successful there would be a
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