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1 Introduction Concept of green economy has several decades in his history. The term “green economy” was suggested by Pearce et al. (1989) and received wide distribution in XXI century. In 2008 the United Nations “Green Economy Initiative” was launched in collaboration with a wide range of partners for motivation governments to invest in green economies. “Green Economy Initiative” consists of several components to provide the analysis and policy support for investing in green sectors and for greening environmental unfriendly sectors ( • Producing a Green Economy Report and related research materials, which will analyze the macroeconomic, sustainability, and poverty reduction…show more content…
The “Green Economy” concept is developed in parallel with such initiatives as “Green Growth” and “Green Industry Platform”. “Green Growth” is an approach to sustainable economic growth that was developed in Asia for economic growth of countries in this region, poverty reduction and social progress. It is imperative that countries in the Asia and Pacific region continue their economic growth to alleviate and to achieve social progress. As mentioned at site of Green Growth Organization “increased environmental degradation, climate change and diminishing natural resources require an unconventional approach to support the export-driven economic activities of the region” ( “Green Industry Platform” is a platform to connect business, government and civil society to promote the green industry agenda. United Nations Industry Development Organization (UNIDO) presented a Green Industry Policy (UNIDO,…show more content…
It is clear that all these initiatives consolidate economic, environmental and social priorities of the sustainable development and are directed to solve its problems. Ten Brink et al. (2012) pointed that “the green economy concept is more than merely “greening” economic sectors, it is a means of achieving the sustainable development imperatives”: • Improving human well-being: securing better healthcare, education and job security; • Increasing social equity: ending persistent poverty and ensuring social, economic and financial inclusion; • Reducing environmental risks: addressing climate change, ocean acidification, the release of hazardous chemicals and pollutants, and excessive or mismanaged waste;

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