Green Grass Clogging Summary

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Considering that clogging has always been of interest to me, I decided to research the Green Grass Cloggers for my annotated bibliography. I have danced nearly my entire life, exploring styles such as ballet, jazz, and tap, except clogging. Tap and clogging are similar yet very different. I hope to learn more about the Green Grass Cloggers and what clogging is all about.

Jamison, P. (2015). Hoedowns, reels, and frolics: Roots and branches of Southern Appalachian dance.

Concise Summary:
In Hoedowns, reels, and frolics: Roots and branches of Southern Appalachian dance, Phil Jamison discusses past and present forms of dance practiced in southern Appalachia. When talking about clogging, Phil Jamison mentions the Green Grass Cloggers, a famous clogging team from Greenville, North Carolina. The Green Grass Cloggers created a unique form of clogging combining freestyle and precision. When
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E. (2012). Green Grass Cloggers: Folk Dance Group. North Carolina Folklore Journal, 59(2), 26.

Concise Summary:
In Green Grass Cloggers: Folk Dance Group, Leanne Smith discusses how popular and unique the Green Grasses cloggers are. At first, some people didn 't want to classify their dance style as folk or clogging because they weren 't from the mountains, had not learned from locals, and did not dress in the normal attire. But the group got attention from old musicians who admired their creative style and pushed for people to learn from them.

Critical Commentary:
After reading this scholarly journal, I got a better understanding of the Green Grass Cloggers. This source had a lot of information on the Green Grass Cloggers and seemed to focus on why they are so well-known and respected. Experts would find this source accessible. Since its a scholarly journal, I trust that the information is reliable. The journal was a quick and easy read. As I see it, this source has been the most helpful in researching the Green Grass
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