Green Grow The Lilacs Analysis

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The story was happened in 1906, at Oklahoma territory, near Tulsa. Oklahoma! was adapted from a play called Green Grow the Lilacs which was adapted from an old folksong called “Green Grow the Lilacs”. The story is about an American soldier’s love for a Mexican lass(senorita). The cowboys in south Texas loved sing the song and white Americans became known as “Gringo” by the Mexicans. Richard Charles Rogers was an American composer of music with more than 900 songs and 43 Broadway musicals. He was born in June 28, 1902 and died in December 30, 1979. He was best known for his songwriting partnership with the lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II. His compositions have a significant impact on popular music up to nowadays. He also wrote music for films and tv…show more content…
Oscar Hammerstein II was an American librettist, theatrical producer. Many musicians choose his music as the standard repertoire. He worked with Roger to produce music, also he co-worked with a lot of composers and composed many songs which had a lot of fame. In Oklahoma, 1906. In a beautiful morning, Aunt Eller was sitting outside her yard stirring butter, the cowboy Curly came and wanted to invite Laurey, the niece of Eller, to the box social party tonight. Box social dance is a party which includes an auction of lunch basket prepared by local women to raise fund, also to mingle with boys. But Laruey seemed not very happy, Curly attempted to persuade her by telling her they were going to the party by riding the Surrey with fringe on top, but it was not exist at all which made Laruey angry. Meanwhile, Will Parker came and told them about his experience in Kansas City. He won $50 at a fair which can help him to marry his girlfriend, Ado Annie, but he spent all the money to buy gift for her. Although Laurey were mad with Curly, Laurey still loves Curly. In order to stimulate the jealousy of Curly, Laurey decided to went to the dance with Jud. When she heard that Curly would go to the dance
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