The Green Inferno Film Analysis

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'The Green Inferno '
2 out of 5 dead bodies recommended
Gore Scale - The whole movie is like the elevator scene in 'The Shining
Body Count - 1 dead person
Nudity - Enough not to let your kids watch this movie.

The Green Inferno is a campy, gorefest remake of 'Cannibal Holocaust ' directed by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever). Who takes you into a world unlike any of us know, the amazon tribes as well as the rainforest. You know those types of tribes, that haven 't been recorded by any known person, because they live so deep in the rainforest... Yes those tribes. Green Inferno is a horror movie unlike most these days, the story itself is phenomenal, daring, scary, including the real terror these actors have presented in this film which personally
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When the movie started the camera was filming all over the amazon, showing us the miles upon miles of rainforest. No escaping that if I got lost in there. It would be a trip to see, yet after watching this movie I can say that 's good enough. I thank Eli for that though, he knew not to hire extras on a set, filming this entire movie. He was cool enough to actually venture off into the jungle, find a tribe expressing his love to make this movie. That 's pretty rad if you ask me. A good horror director always knows, where to take fear. Then again every director has there own certain style of making a movie. Eli certainly had that comedic twist at parts, like he did for 'Hostel ' as well as 'Cabin Fever…show more content…
Manuel Riveiro who also did the score for 'Knock Knock ' and 'Aftershock '. Gave us some classic horror movie music like Tyler Bates has over the past couple years. Where the music is bold, daring, scary to me unlike anything we 've heard before that 's tenses us up.
All in all I would say 'The Green Inferno ' is a movie to go see with your
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