Green It At Wipro Case Study

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Case: Green IT at Wipro: A Sustainable Solution? Questions: 1. What is the history behind Wipro’s sustainability practices? Ans: Following are the main points regarding Wipro’s sustainability practices a. Wipro was established in Maharashtra, in Mumbai by Mohamed Premji to make vegetable oil in the year 1945. b. In 1980, Wipro became a global company in ITeS. It was headquartered in Bangalore. The company was renamed to Wipro Limited in the year 1982 c. Wipro also launched WASIT in 2002 for reforming the education system d. It also launched Wipro cares as a community care service e. In the year 2006, it launched its e waste disposal management f. With the intent of becoming water positive and carbon neutral, Wipro eco eye was launched g. Virtualization policy h. Hosted intelligent document management i. Many other initiatives like e-freight cargo, greenware etc. were launched to practice sustainability. 2. What factors lead to the success of Wipro’s green initiative? Ans: Following are the main factors which led to the success of Wipro’s green initiative: a. All the employees, the customers and the management looked positively at the initiatives and there was a positive engagement b. They linked their business goal and strategy to sustainability and this enabled its customers to go green c. An important point was educating customers, suppliers, staff as well as the community regarding the benefits of going green d. Ability of Wipro to influence the government policies with

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