Green Light In The Great Gatsby Essay

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In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald constructs a view of the lifestyles in which people lived during the 1920s. The lives of those in this story are captured from the glitz and glamour of huge Jazz Age parties, to the sad and poverty-stricken reality of the Valley of Ashes. Throughout the book the reader is able to see into the life of none other than Jay Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby is considered a shining example of what many people wanted to be and because of his wealth and status he was also what others passionately resented. The characteristics and demeanor that Fitzgerald encapsulates in this character is what makes him the “Great” Gatsby. Before Gatsby is introduced in chapter three, there are many instances in which his character…show more content…
On many accounts the green light was a simple figure displayed at the end of Daisy's dock. As the story continues the green light changes from a meaningless figure to a symbolic concept that changes throughout the novel. First the green light is portrayed to be something that Gatsby looks out at in the middle of the night, reaching his hands out toward it. As more is uncovered about Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship it becomes apparent that the light means much more. This green light displayed on Daisy’s dock symbolises the hope that one day Daisy and Gatsby would be together. There are times the light seemed so far away but Gatsby never gave up and always believed that his dreams would come true. The meaning of the green light throughout the book and how Gatsby’s overall goals affected the meaning of the light shows the true meaning of who Gatsby truly is as a person. The desire and hope makes him a great person because only a person with this type of look on life shows life's true meaning. Even the most imperfect show what being a human is really about. No matter how much wealth and status someone has the ultimate portrayal of existence is a person's character, even though many things might try to change that, character is something that can not go
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