Green Man Flashing Analysis

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Green Man Flashing is a very innovative, thrilling play which involves situations that society is faced with daily. It can also make people aware of the dangers of our society today, how to have the strength to fight through it and overcome difficult situations. This furthermore makes it evident that theatre’s ultimate aim is to connect with people – to give them an experience which is deeper than simple entertainment; which makes us think. This is shown through the use of genre and style, the characters and their relationship with one another, and the theme and messages. This play is a crime as we find out that Luthando Nyaka has been shot dead and how the case develops. We also hear that Gabby Anderson is raped by her boss, a high-profile…show more content…
During the play he is a leading negotiator for a major political party. He was part of their negotiating team, which begun the interim constitution. Instead of formally going into government as a politician or bureaucrat, he decided to continue as a ‘soldier’ for whatever the party required. In Green Man Flashing, he is presented as a lovely man who helps a friend or person that he really cares for a lot. We see this when he shoots Luthando Nyaka as a result of thinking that Gabby was in danger with Luthando Nyaka threatening her. We can also gather from this incident that he thinks fast before he acts and doesn’t see the whole truth before striking, as he shot Luthando before really knowing exactly what was happening and just assumed that Luthando was putting Gabby in danger. He is also very opinionated and believes that he is always right. This occurs when he argues with Anna Richards until he eventually gives up. With regards to Aaron and Gabby’s relationship and being a mixed-raced couple, it makes the audience gain knowledge and insight into racism in their society and the effect that it has on people of another race. This therefore makes the audience think about how they overcome racism in their society and creates a deeper

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