Green Marketing Compvantages, Sustainability

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Keywords: Green marketing, Competitive advantage, sustainability.

1. Introduction
According to Choudhary and Gokarn (2013), green marketing is known as natural advertising and reasonable promoting, alludes to an association's exertions at outlining, pushing, estimating and conveying items that won't hurt nature's turf. Green marketing concentrated on the green advertising exertions organizations use, including corporate social responsibility arrangements and supportability endeavors (Leader, 2014). Green marketing has become the choice for many companies due to the concern of the environment. When we combine “green” and “marketing” together we can be certain that this strategy was to achieve the company’s goal of putting themselves known to the world as in these recent years green marketing has become a hot topic due to many environmental factors.
According to Dabija and Pop (2013) the companies that know how to adopt and develop a strategy to render their own activities sustainable by adopting environmental protection principles and an environmental friendly management of their own resources, by implementing green marketing policies and resorting to clean energy, have indeed managed a better adaptation to the permanent environmental changes and tempestuous conditions on the markets where
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Corporate segment started to react to this worry by making green items & green practices as central to their business forms. Truth be told toward the start of the 1990's numerous organizations that effectively wandered into green marketing remained to increase over their opponent firms. It can be watched that at the tallness of green marketing there was a plenty of corporate exercises and scholarly enthusiasm toward the subject as though free for all was on (Vaccaro & Cohn,

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