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According to American marketing union, “green marketing refer to the marketing of product that are assumed to be environmentally safe and secure. Thus green marketing involve large range of activates and action including product range, changes to the product process, packaging modification, as well as modifying advertising. Yet defining green marketing is not a simple task where a number a meaning meet and oppose each other; an example of this will be the life of chargeable social, environmental and retail definitions friendly to them. Another e environmental marketing and ecological marketing. Thus green marketing refer to holistic marketing concept wherein the production, marketing consumption an dumping of product and services
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In developed countries a sharp rise in consumerism is there for those products which are environmentally safe. Both marketers and consumer becoming responsive day by day to the need for button in to the green products and services. While the shift to green may show to be cheap in the short term, but it will definitely show to be crucial and advantageous, cost wise too in the long period of time. Green marketing also known as environmental marketing or sustainable marketing which refer to an organization’s pains at designing, promote, pricing and distributing products that will not harm the environment. Manufacturers around the world are trying to manufacture the products which are environmentally safe. Consumers often associate recyclable, refillable and ozone friendly with green marketing. Green marketing includes a broad range of activities modification in the production process and products, changes in packaging and advertisements. Polansky (1994) defined green marketing as "Green or Environmental Marketing consists of all activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchanges intended to satisfy human needs or wants, such that the satisfaction of these needs and wants occurs, with minimal detrimental impact on the…show more content…
Such a product or services may be environmentally friendly in it or produced and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. The most obvious assumption of green marketing is that potential consumer will view a product or services’ “greenness” as a benefit and base their buying decision accordingly. So companies all around the world are striving to reduce the impact of products and services on the climate and other environmental parameter. Marketers are taking the cue and starts going green. Green marketing offers business bottom line incentive and top line growth possibilities. While modification of business or production processes may involve start-up cost but it will save money or make profit in long run. Companies that develop new and improved products and services with environmental impacts in mind give themselves access to new market, substantially increase profit and enjoy competitive advantages over those marketing non-environmentally responsible

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