Green Mountain Coffee Research Paper

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Green Mountain Coffee is a well known name in the coffee world. Based in Waterbury, Vermont, Green Mountain Coffee has been offering its customers great quality coffee for a long time now. What could be better than a steaming cup of coffee on a lazy morning? Or for that matter, any time of the day, a good cup of coffee can really lift up your spirits. That is what Green Mountain Coffee likes to do. Lift up your spirits and put you in the best of your mood with the best coffee blends from around the world. Green Mountain Coffee uses only the best quality coffee beans and puts them through a unique processing system that preserves the flavor of the coffee. What really makes them stand out of the crowd however, is their extensive range of exotic blends. With some unique flavors and intoxicating aroma, a cup of Green Mountain Coffee fills up your senses and refreshes your spirits instantly. No matter how big a coffee enthusiast you are, just how many different blends of coffee can you have up your sleeve? Two or three, or maybe four. But no matter how hard you try, being able to prepare two hundred different flavors of restaurant quality coffee at home is not an easy task. Green mountain coffee offers more than two hundred different blends of coffee, each with a unique flavor. So you can have a different taste of coffee each time.…show more content…
K cups offer a proportionate blend of coffee in individual pods that can be used to brew a single cup of coffee instantly. All you have to do is pick up a Keurig cup containing your favorite flavor blend of coffee and place it in the Keurig coffee maker. Just pressing a button yields a steaming cup of delicious
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