Green Ogre In Shrek

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Green Ogre
Every hero’s life follows steps to save a person, or to complete a task. Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson concept for creating Shrek are to show there is a way to save someone and to save true love. In an unknown world found a big, green ogre who people were scared of, but he meant no harm to anyone. He was out to get his home back, but it turn into him coming out of his shell. Being an ogre may consist of encountering new tasks, motivation, and seeking true love.
Shrek encounters new tasks that he knows nothing about. Shrek, alone in a faraway swamp minding his own business. He was invaded by annoying fairy tales by the deceitful Lord Farquaad. Shrek loses his peaceful life, and his home becomes outrageous. He sets out to seek Lord
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Shrek is angry on this quest with Donkey, but he is trying to keep him happy. Donkey sings songs and dances around Shrek. Arriving at the gloomy castle they have to defeat the dragon before confiscating the princess. When trying to defeat the dragon, Shrek crashes into a room where the princess is lying down. The dragon is crushing on the Donkey while he is trying to get away. Shrek grabs the princess and runs, but the dragon is running forcefully after them. While being smart, Shrek gets the dragon stuck, and safely gets everyone away. Shrek begins the journey back home, and princess starts to have true love for Shrek. While walking through the forest, robbers arrive to take Princess Fiona, but she helps fight them off. The three are on their way back to Duloc. Shrek is getting more comfortable around the princess. He starts to have deep feelings for her, yet she has a big secret she been keeping from everyone. Come to realize Shrek and her have features that are in common. Shrek is now in love with her, but he hears the wrong things she says that night. Farquaad arrives the next morning because Shrek is handing the princess over. Shrek now has his swamp back, and he is on his way back home. Both the Princess and Shrek are sad that they are not with each other. Donkey comes back to Shrek and tells him how the princess really feels about him. Shrek realizes that he can love, and he can stand up for himself. He goes to interrupt the wedding of Lord Farquaad and Princess Fiona. He tells Fiona how he feels about her. Shrek sees himself in Fiona, so they got married and lived happily ever
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