Green Packers Research Paper

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The Green Packers look like they are going to go to the Super Bowl this year with one the best teams they have had in a few years. Aaron Rodgers looks to lead them to a lot of victories this season. The Packers beat the 49ers today 17 – 3. When thinking about the 49ers offense even without Frank Gore, they are still one of the best offensive teams in the league. The Packers will probably go close to 16 – 0 this season and will probably being going very far into the postseason. Some teams in the league only excel in either offense or defense, but in this case, the offense of the Packers is one of the best and let me restate that the Packers beat the 49ers 17 – 3 today. Week 4 in almost done and most of the league agrees that the Packers will…show more content…
Maybe the Broncos and Peyton Manning or the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson, but the Packers have already played the Seahawks and beat them pretty confidently. Some people could say that the Cowboys could have been a team with a real chance of making it to the Super Bowl, but with Dez Bryant and Tony Romo out for a few more weeks, that doesn’t seem realistic. The Patriots; on the other hand though, look to be the favorites from the AFC. The Patriots have either the number one or number two quarterback either in front or behind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady. Tom Brady and the Patriots offense is literally the best in the league and it shows. They have played a number of great teams and have scored huge against them. These two teams both are so similar in numbers and ability to win games, it almost seems like it would be both teams destinies to face off in the Super Bowl. If these two teams faced off in the Super Bowl both going 16 – 0 would make this match up even more…show more content…
The Packers are one of the teams that haven’t had that many problems with the injury bug this year, but others have really felt the injury bug. For instance, the San Diego Chargers have been hit by the injury bug incredibly hard. Today they played with 3/5 of their starting offensive line and a number of other injury problems effected their game today. It may only be week 4, but in my mind I think that the Packers are strong favorites for Super Bowl
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