Green Product Literature Review

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LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Consumers’ purchase intention of green products: A literature review is essential in a research area. 1) Environmental Attitudes According to Schultz and Zelezny (2000),”attitudes of environmental concern are rooted in a person’s self-concept and the degree of his perception to be an integral part of the natural environment”. It is important to the consumers and it represent their positive and negative feelings towards the green products. Attitudes are crucial predictors of behaviour, behavioural intention and explanatory factors of variants in individual behaviour. Consumers who have positive feeling toward the environment issue will relate the green products with their daily lives, work and family.…show more content…
Green products are expensive due to higher cost incurred in the processes, the quality of green products’ raw materials are high and to certain extend the cost involve in getting a certified eco-label on the products. Price is the determinant factor in making purchasing decision and it is inversely related to demand. The higher the price, the less likely the consumer want to purchase the product. Consumers know that the consumption in green products is good in environmental protection compare to normal products. However, consumers are price sensitive when come to go green especially developing countries due to their economic conditions. Higher price product may reduce the influence of green values and attitude in making purchase decisions. Unless the quality of the green product is credible and it is worth to obtain, the price will be a barrier for consumer to purchase it. According to Hansla (2008), consumer might have a positive attitudes towards the green product, but they may not be willing to pay more to get a product that are same function. Rezai, Mohamed and Shamsudin (2011) state that Malaysia found that the price of the organic vegetable, in some extent affected the consumers’ attitude towards the purchase in Klang. (Gatersleben et,al., 2002) In short, the price sensitive green consumers are defined as those customers that are aware of the risks of the non-green products that will pose to the environment, but they are unwilling to pay more to protect the

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