Green River Killer Task Force

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Is grit always good? When people talk about grit, I assume you feel it is always a good trait. Grit is resiliency, courage, and endurance. All of these characteristics can be used to do terrible and great deeds. The Green River Killer had a lot of grit, but so did The Green River Killer Task Force. Gary Ridgeway, also known as The Green River Killer had a lot of resiliency. He murdered prostitutes and runaways for 18 (or more) years. He was persistent for so many years because he had the resiliency to keep going. His long term goal was to be a serial killer for as long as he lived. Ridgeway had the confidence to know he would not get caught. Little did he know he would be apprehended many years later. When taking these women, he was cool and composed. It was like he had two totally different personalities. All of Ridgeway’s friends and neighbors thought of Ridgeway as a friendly, normal guy. He also had the same job painting industrial trucks for over 30 years. No one would have ever guessed that this guy was one of the most dangerous men in the state of Washington. Ridgeway also had courage. If you…show more content…
The Task Force and the local police worked on this particular case for over 18 years. They worked until they completely exhausted every lead and clue. They worked all day and all night to try and find out who was murdering these women. It eventually fell into a cold case. Even though it became a cold case, they never gave up. They were still going through the evidence, seeing if they could see something that they didn’t see before. They were looking for anything that would help break this case. They had a lot of pressure on them; people wanted this guy in jail and off the streets forever. In November of 2001 the break they were waiting for came. The cold case detective re-tested the biological evidence, and at that moment, they knew who they have been looking for, for so many

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