Green Sea Turtle Research Paper

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The Magnificent Green Sea Turtles

Did you know that the green sea turtles are endangered? I choose them for my research paper because I feel that they are very interesting. I researched their habitat, food, reproduction, conservation activities. After I researched all of that, I feel that I needed more information, so I found their physical description, man’s impact on this animal, and the numbers left. As I write this paper I will tell you about the interesting facts that I found about the green sea turtle. Sea turtles are found all around the world, the environment that they live in is tropical and subtropical. They go to the land to warm up, unlike other sea turtles. They depend on the temperature of the sand because they use the sand/
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When people see nest on the beach, they will watch over them and help them get to the ocean. Some time people will put caution tape around the nest so no one will touch them. People will see turtles with hocks in them and take them to places to get it out. Also rescue teams will come in and the ones that are hurt and take them back to their office to cure them. After they are cured, they will be released back into the ocean. The green sea turtles are the largest sea turtles. They are 3-4 feet in length and weight 300-350 pounds. Baby turtles are 2 inches in length and weigh .5 pounds.(Britannica, 583)eb They are named green sea turtles because of their fat not their shell. They have a lifespan of 80 years and their scientific name is Chelonia mydas. A lot of people have done bad thing to this beautiful creature. In Australia 100,000 turtles are killed each year for their shell and meat. ( Also destruction crews will come to the beaches at destroy them. Fishing crews will have nets that they would get all stuck in or will have hooks in them. Baby turtles will mistake buildings and homes for the ocean and go to them. They also have a disease called

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