Green Supply Chain Management Case Study

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Green Supply Chain Management is now gaining more importance in many industries, which is due to pressure from the government and environmental consciousness among the customers, to gain competitive advantages in it. And it is clear to all that going green is a great move for a consumer facing company all over the World.
The best possible outcome is one where all supply chains can reduce unused, improve incomes, and become more ecological. There is sign that green supply chain system can create the above-mentioned outcomes. Therefore without properly assessing all possible outcomes, executing green practices can lead to tragedy.
But there are major few problems to the Company facing when
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1.2.2 Lack of tools to optimize the supply chain with environmental management:

The Problems lies in selecting the right tool and this can be enabled by sustainable supply chain management sustainability as a marketing management practice that looks at the present needs of consumers and businesses and then developing practices that satisfy these current needs while making sure that the needs of future generations. The tools which provide environmental metrics that can be included in the calculations for optimizing the supply chain.

Techniques & Tools to be implemented for Effective GSC: Green design methods and tools: There some methods and tools used in the green design process for practicing an effective life cycle process. These methods and tools suggested “Hendrickson., 2001” help in finding out the result for the thesis. Mass balance

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