What Are The Benefits Of Green Tea

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How to Get Maximum Benefits of Green Tea Within Budget Plag check... Green Tea has become a very popular health drink in the western countries as well as in India. Apart from being a refreshing drink it is consumed more for the health benefits. The brew has managed to grab a place in the pantry of most kitchens. It has even started replacing the traditional white and black tea in many Indian families. The rich, high antioxidants concentration in Japanese green tea is responsible to impart the health advantages and help you stay young and healthy. However, a downside of good quality green tea is that it is expensive. And to get the full benefits of green tea you must choose the one which is of the best quality. Here is how to buy the best tea, get rich…show more content…
Packed bags may turn out to be a bit costly as compared as there are extra packaging charges involved. Brewing You can consider using a tea Infusers, tea bowls, tea mesh etc. to brew green tea leaves. Many other tea pots and tea infusers are available to on various online stores in India to make your perfect cuppa. Another alternative to loose tea is purchasing tea bags. The bags are designed such that there is enough space for the full tea leaves to unfold. You can use them for multiple infusions reducing the cost of green tea. Pyramid shaped tea bags are one of the best choice. Again see that the leaf tea bags are made of 100% cotton or muslin cloths to make it safe for your health as well as the environment. Preserve the Green Tea after Brewing Once you have brewed your fresh cup of green tea, do not throw away the tea. You will be surprised to know that there are a variety of ways you can use them right from beautifying your skin to household uses. Here is an article that shows amazing ways the tea bags can be used to beautify your

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