Green Thinking Hat Analysis

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Green Thinking Hat The Green Thinking Hat requires us to be creative as much as possible and come up with a multitude of different ideas. The green thinking hat also demands us to look for new solutions and alternatives. Thus, it is quite obvious that some politicians need to put on their green thinking hat when it comes to solving the hot, popular and debatable topic, illegal immigration. This topic drives people crazy sometimes, too much that they do not have the patience to sit down and think quietly. Some may say that the best option to solve all this nonsense is to fence the perimeter of Africa, and all is good. Well, to indulge ourselves in the neutral side, we honestly believe that people who immigrate illegally do so because they feel it is not safe to live in particular countries or cities and therefore the only method of survival for them is actually leaving their mother country once and forever although it may be quite difficult. In our…show more content…
Some believe that the best option is deportation and completely getting rid of illegal immigrants while other state that illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty and should be allowed to live a normal life whatsoever. Although it is a matter of opinion, there is quite a bit of racism in believing that these immigrants should not be allowed to live a proper life, after all, they are humans like everybody else. Nevertheless, it is very true that illegal immigration brings along with it quite a few disadvantages. These include disease, unemployment, national instability, drain on social services, crime and much more. If governments decide to introduce immigration amnesty, unemployment increases since these illegal immigrants will need to find a job to have enough money so as to cope with the living of an undoubtedly richer country than the nation they abandoned. Taking this into consideration, the available jobs will be divided between more
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