Greenacre Father's Role In The Psychopath

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Greenacre() states that the psychopath as a child is overly attached to both parents, but more so to the mother. The mother would naturally love the child more, however in the case of the psychopath, the mother is filled with shame and guilt towards the child (p.507). This factor is clear in the cases of each psychopath because, according to Greenacre(), the mother “indulged, favored, and defended, but was indubitably ashamed of the little one…” (p.507). The father 's role in the psychopathic child is “nonexistent” because the father is often preoccupied with his work. The father tends to place power and fear into the child from young age. Since the father is often absent, the child sees the father as “distant, awe-inspiring and something of
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