Greene County Tech Case Summary

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This case involves a possible violation of the First amendment by Kay Williams, a counselor at Greene County Tech primary school located in Paragould, Arkansas. Mrs. Williams decorated a bulletin board within the school with a nativity scene and included the phrase, “Happy Birthday Jesus.” According to an article written by Chad Miller of the Paragould Press (2011), the school received several complaints about the display. Miller (2011) further stated that Superintendent Jerry Noble contacted Donn Mixon, the schools attorney, who advised the school against leaving the display up. Steve Barnes writes in his article Controversy in Paragould (2011) that Mrs. Williams was at first told to take the bulletin board down. However, due to several…show more content…
The students that make up our school districts come from varying backgrounds. Many of these upbringings do not include or adhere to a traditional Christian Christmas celebration. Therefore, there are two major beliefs in this case which are in direct conflict with each other. These views are people who believe Christmas is a Christian celebration and those who do not. The first side of the ethical issue in this case deals with individuals who identify with or accept Christian values. They believe that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ whom they believe is the savior of the world. For that reason they routinely include Christian symbols and phrases into any decorations they put up for the holiday. Many feel it is their right, and some would argue it is their duty to do so. This is mainly due to the fact that Christians are taught they must not be ashamed of what they believe and they must tell others about their beliefs. They feel they must share what the Bible tells them is the truth so that others will convert to Christianity and be saved from going to
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