Greene's Jewelry Wholesale Case Study

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Greene’s Jewelry Wholesale, LLC (Greene’s) is a high-end costume jewelry company established by Mary Jane and Allen Greene in Derry, New Hampshire. Over the last five decades, the company has realized continuous growth and currently employs over five hundred dedicated individuals that assist them in their sales, marketing, research and development, human resources, and manufacturing. However, the Greene’s ability to retain such a large staff is based in part due to their coveted process to manufacture a gold-colored product that is impervious to scratches, discoloration and is rightfully named Ever-Gold. Additionally, the Greene’s Ever-Gold process is always being tweaked to improve the finished product. Therefore, Greene’s requires all employees to agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement to keep them ahead of their competition.…show more content…
However, Lawson was the first employee to be informed of the downsizing by the head of human resources Lisa Peele due to Lawson revealing her need for additional time off after finding out she was pregnant and potentially could face some high-risk challenges over the next seven months. Hence, the disgruntled Lawson sought employment with a competitor and shared Greene’s livelihood trade secret Ever-Gold process. Lawson’s choice to find employment with a competitor and share privileged information immediately following her termination is a useful
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