CO2 As A Cause Of Global Warming

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Global warming is the rise of earth’s global temperature caused by the over release of greenhouse
The solution for global warming gases. Greenhouse gases are gases the are be able to absorb infrared radiation in earth’s atmosphere. With an imbalance greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the earth is becoming warmer and warmer. As the main effector of the greenhouse effect, CO2 has played the most important role in the global warming. Humanmade CO2 continues to increase above levels not seen in thousands of years. Half of the CO2 is not absorbed by photosynthesis and the oceans, they remain in the atmosphere.
So what things can release so much greenhouse gases to the atmosphere? The burning of fossil fuels may be an important reason. Thousands
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The feces of animals will release a large amount of methane into the atmosphere. Most importantly, the ability for methane to keep heat is way stronger than CO2. According to FAO, the greenhouse gases released by animal husbandry is 14.5% of the total greenhouse gases. The danger of effects of animal husbandry has been undervalued.
The fell of trees can also be a cause of global warming. Photosynthesis is the process taken by trees to produce energy. During the process, plants will absorb CO2, which is the main greenhouse gas in and produce oxygen out. As the main producer of oxygen, forests is a important source of oxygen and a irreplaceable way to absorb greenhouse gas. However, every year, about 1700 hectares of forest is chopped down by human for own need.
Global warming may cause a devastating effect too. With more greenhouse effects, the thicker the atmosphere, and more heat will be trapped in the atmosphere. Some of the heat energy that came from the sun was supposed to be reflected out of the atmosphere to balance the energy and maintain the temperature. But if the atmosphere becomes thicker, then more heat will stay in the atmosphere. The global temperature has risen for 0.6 since the IR, and it may keep
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According to the three gorges team, a power station like the three gorges power station can reduce the release of seventy five million one hundred and forty thousand tons of CO2 per year, and reduce the usage of a billion tons of coals every ten year. The effects of the hydroelectric power station is huge, and has the potential to stop global warming if is used properly.
But there is also some bad effects of the hydroelectric power. The most important is that it will affect the environment a lot. The hydroelectric power require height to generate power, and the height difference between two sides is blocked by the dam. In order to make the difference, the upper place need to store the water, and flooded all of the area above. Animals is forced to migrant, and they may cannot suit their new environment. Trees nearby the river will also be drowned. For the marine organisms, after the power station was built, they cannot pass the dam, and this will affect their reproduction.
Not only the animals’ habitats will be affected, the humans’ will also be flooded. Their migration might be a huge problem for the builder of the dam. Some will be forced to move to other place with worser conditions. However, their original home was destroyed and nothing can replace
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