Greenhouse Drinking: The Main Effects Of Global Warming

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Global warming is the rise of earth’s global temperature caused by the over release of greenhouse
The solution for global warming gases. Greenhouse gases are gases the are be able to absorb infrared radiation in earth’s atmosphere. With an imbalance greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the earth is becoming warmer and warmer. As the main effector of the greenhouse effect, CO2 has played the most important role in the global warming. Humanmade CO2 continues to increase above levels not seen in thousands of years. Half of the CO2 is not absorbed by photosynthesis and the oceans, they remain in the atmosphere.
So what things can release so much greenhouse gases to the atmosphere? The burning of fossil fuels may be an important reason. Thousands of factories and power plants are releasing CO2 into the air every day. From 1860, the amount of CO2 released by burning minerals were rising with 4.22% a year. During the past 30 years, the average discharge of CO2 is 5 billion per year. This surprising and frightening number has reflected the serious of the CO2 problem caused by fossil fuels.
Another important reason is that the animal husbandry. The feces of animals will release a large amount of methane into the atmosphere. Most importantly, the ability for methane to keep heat is way stronger than CO2. According to FAO, the greenhouse gases released by animal husbandry is 14.5% of the total greenhouse gases. The danger of effects of animal husbandry has been undervalued.
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