Greensboro Coliseum Case Summary

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I have reviewed the unfortunate case in which the vehicle that you parked at the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot was vandalized. It is important for you to understand your legal rights against Greensboro Coliseum. First, let’s go over the facts of the case: After arriving at the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot, you paid a lot attendant $20 for a ticket that permits you to park in the lot. On the ticket, it specifically states “WARNING: Not responsible for damage to personal property while on Greensboro Coliseum premises." Another important piece of information is that, rather than hand your keys over to the attendant, you retained possession of your keys after you parked. The campus that you parked is protected by the confines of a stone wall…show more content…
A bailment is the transfer of personal property to another to be held, delivered, or stored. Title to the personal property does not transfer. Had you relinquished the possession of your car keys to the parking attendant, a mutual benefit bailment would have been formed. Because you kept your keys after you parked your vehicle, you did not relinquish the possession and control of your property necessary to constitute a bailment. Most courts will consider this a lease. The only duty of care possessed by Greensboro Coliseum is that the lot be properly fenced off. Because the campus is protected by a stone wall, it may be hard to argue that Greensboro Coliseum is liable for the damage of your vehicle. There have been a minority of cases in which courts have held that this situation is a bailment, but because of the fact that Greensboro Coliseum stated that they are not responsible for damaged property, it will be difficult to argue. I advise you to take the safer route and consult with your auto insurance agency. In Florida, you are entitled to two free windshield replacements per year. If that is not an option available to you, I would be happy to assist you in arguing your case in
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