Greepe And Archetypes In Literature

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“Who Runs the World? Girls!” Literature is a great way to get out of the real world. It can take us on adventures and can put us in a completely different setting. This occurs because of archetypes; Heroic archetypes and their archetypal journeys. The writer takes us through the stages of the journey to keep us engaged and interested. There are endless hero archetypes and specifically one known as proto-feminist hero; Any female that is idolised or plays a heroic role in literature. To some, the phrases feminist and hero don 't belong in the same sentence. Alice, Charlotte, Dorothy, Elsa, Fairy Godmother, Fern, Katniss, Lizzie, Merida, Tiana, all prove that girls can do anything they set their mind to (Ceron).
Alice of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is a hero. She was sitting bored on a boring day, reading a boring book. Until she was curious and brave enough to follow a rabbit down a rabbit hole. Once she got down there, she faced many games of logic, influential imagery and riddles (Carroll). She takes on potions, a sea of tears, talking animals and an evil queen. Towards the end of the story Alice continues her heroism as she stands up for herself and other creatures that are being harassed by a deck of cards. Little did we know, as we were fantasising about this journey, so was she. Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz reveals many proto-feminist hero qualities throughout her story. She’s is an innocent farm girl from Kansas, but when her house gets picked up by
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