Greg Abbott's Cruelty: A Short Story

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What do you see on the side of the road just waiting to be picked up rather than left there to be rolled over? Clearly thrown out by careless drivers (or passengers) garbage is littered all over highways. “Small trash can make a big mess in Texas,” Greg Abbott, our governor claims. I agree with him. Visualize this. A tree is cut down to make resources for humans to use. If someone decides to throw it out a window, how will that help the earth? We take and abuse. That is the way humans are now. Not all, but most. We can’t see through deception. If we took all the garbage in this world and circled it around earth, it would go around over one hundred time. One century ago, we had enough trash to circle the world seven times. Our world has grown…show more content…
A gurgle sound came from the fluid in my intestines. “I’m hungry,” I muttered to myself. It seems I wasn’t alone. Around me everywhere I heard unbearably annoying moaning. It was the first day of 6th grade so no one was used to such a long wait to eat. By the end of Basics class with Mrs. Pulse, an awesome teacher, we all got to eat lunch. We were pointed toward the table we were supposed to be seated at. Before we were able to get our lunch, Principal Broughton told us about a new recycle program that the school had enforced. It made sure that each student dispose of their garbage in a way that gives back to the environment. I did as I was told and left without any emotion of joy or happiness. It was now the second day of school and it felt longer than the first. How long would it be before I got the taste of food again? My stomach made a funky blurp noise and I was feeling very odd. Lunch was similar to yesterday. More talk about recycling, trash, waste and more stuff. I was bored out of my wits and waited to get lunch as the Principal talked on. Then something caught my attention. What did she just say? Eleven trash bags reduced to seven? Our left over fruits and vegetables reused for compost? Our plastic trash recycled? Her words inspired me. I felt proud to make such a big change like
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