Greg Hardy

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The argument can be made that, instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator in the public, at least some media should give the more informed and critical segment of the people what it wants (Lazere 305). The people are considered to be the largest segment of the audience and that should be enough evidence for the media members to make the news tailor made for the viewing public. When confronted with said evidence, most media members blame it on education. “One professional consultant who pioneered these formats justified them by claiming, “People who watch television the most are unread, uneducated, untraveled and unable to concentrate on single subjects more than a minute or two.” (Lazere 306). I guess that’s a polite way to say,…show more content…
One athlete can do the same thing another athlete does, while one gets praised for their actions and the other will get ridicule. For instance, Mr. Greg Hardy who is a former African American professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys. Hardy has had his fair share of issues with breaking the law. Just a couple years ago, he was charged and convicted for domestic violence by a jury of his peers. He was seen months later arguing about a situation on the sidelines of a national televise football game. The Cowboys was losing and his competitive nature caused him to lash out at opposing teammates and he even seen slapping a clip board out of a coach’s hand. The media was quick to ridicule Hardy for his action because they were holding him accountable for his horrible encounters off of the field. On the other hand, Tom Brady who is a white American four time super bowl champion and quarterback for the New England Patriots, was seen a couple years ago on national television in a heated argument with a coach. They looked as if they was about to have a physical confrontation. Since Brady is a champion, married to a famous super model, and a quarterback for a professional football team, the media was bias about his actions. They viewed his actions as simply having passion for the game of football. Who knows if race played a role in the media’s reaction or if Hardy’s past influenced the media to react in a bias way. However, this analogy could make you think bias in the media does exist. Not only is the media bias in sports, but the bias seems to be more recognizable in politics. A rule of thumb, never debate religion and politics. Both topics will most likely end with some form of physical or verbal altercation. After working for the same company for
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