Greg Ousley Case Study

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Greg Ousley Greg Ousley at age 14 was convicted of the murder of his two parents Bonnie and Jobie on Feb. 23, 1993.On June 26, 2012, the supreme court was to make a decision on his whether he should be released, and it was decided that he will stay in prison.Greg has spent 24 years in prison thinking about what he has done and there should be a decision to be made in March 2019 having to do with his case. In my opinion, Greg should be released and paroled in 2019, Although he has a life sentence I think it is best that he connects with the real world out of prison. At the age of 14, Greg Ousley's brain had not been developed to fully understand the consequences of his actions. Before he murdered his parents there had been signs that he was struggling but there was no acknowledgment towards him, therefore, he is not fully at fault. Greg had told his mother that” he was scared, that all he ever thought about was murder and suicide. But his mother brushed…show more content…
Children are treated as immature until they commit a heavy crime and that in my opinion has a lot to do with the way adults see kids actions. In the kids are kids article it is stated “Children as young as twelve and thirteen are being charged as adults in America's courts” children being convicted are so young and often are confused by their own action also bringing to light that those are ages of puberty which already affects kids as it is. Greg was also in the age of puberty when convicted and therefore as many kids that age do is feel misunderstood by his parents and the people around him causing to be somewhat impulsive now older I believe he's aware of his action and viable to know the good from bad. He is now at a mature age where he will be able to live and survive on his own and therefore not needed in the jail system any
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