Greg Ridley's Treasure In 'The Treasure Of Lemon Brown'

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Greg from “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” learns many things from Lemon. Greg Ridley is a teenage boy running away from his awaiting punishment at home. When he steps into an old house everything changes. He meets Lemon a spunky, funny, and sentimental guy. He has a treasure but Greg does not believe him. Then, three guys come in and attack Lemon for his treasure, Lemon wins. After, the thugs leave and Greg believes Lemon, when Greg sees it is only newspaper clippings and a harmonica but when Lemon explains what a treasure really is Greg understands. Greg learns about Lemons treasure and realizes that a treasure is just something valuable. An example would be, everyone has a feeling of a certain object. Walter Dean Myers portrays a clear message of a treasure is something to die for. Lemon is not the best parent in the world, but his son loved him and he loved his son. This lesson is emphasized when it demonstrates Greg’s father is the same way. Walter Dean Myers shows a theme of everyone has a valuable treasure by, when Lemon shows Greg his treasure.. When Lemon first meets Greg he is skeptical because he thinks Greg is trying to steal his treasure. For example, “ I’m not looking…show more content…
Like, “I traveled around, and one time I come home, and there was the letter saying Jesse got killed in the war. Broke my heart it truly did. They sent back what he had with him over there, and what it was is this old mouth fiddle and these here clippings.” (12) Lemon told Greg. Based on this evidence it demonstrates that Lemon had something meaningful, his son, but when his son died the things he had become Lemon’s treasures. Lemon’s treasure was originally his son, but after he died, the newspaper clippings and the harmonica Jesse carried around became Lemon’s treasure. To conclude, Lemon’s treasure was special because of his son, so a treasure is a based off something that is
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