Gregg Popovich Leadership Philosophy

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Gregg Popovich has a very unique leadership philosophy. Although many people may think that Popovich comes off as a curmudgeon, his philosophy is what has lead people to believe that he could be the greatest coach of the NBA. Gregg Popovich has a good way of mentoring and coaching his team. He seems to always find a way to motivate his players in ways that only him and his players would understand. Something that I think is extremely important is the way that Gregg Popovich handles failure. Regardless of the times that his team loses or wins, Gregg’s view on his team does not change. I believe that if more coaches had the same philosophy that Gregg Popovich has NBA teams will be a lot more successful. A coach should not always be focus on winning but rather build a good team and relationship and then focus on winning. As a coach being honest is one of the most important things there are because when you have the trust of speaking to your players with…show more content…
Something else that I think is of great motivation to me is being able to bring happiness to many people’s life on the days that I serve at St. Luke’s. Many of the people that come to St. Luke’s are homeless and just to see the appreciation and the happiness on their face motivates me. There is no better satisfaction then to help those in need, so many of the people that come are so thankful for us being there. It is unbelievable how happiness can mean something different to every person. So far I am close to almost 180 hours of service. Being a service intern there are hardly ever any moments that I don’t find motivational for the simple fact that serving those in need always serves as motivation. When I first took on this position I never thought that I was going to learn as much as I have learned. It has been great and everyday it warms my heart to be able to serve the people at St.
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