Gregor Clegane's Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'

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If you 've ever seen an episode of Game Of Thrones you would know that the episodes are very violent and not appropriate for children, or most teens for that matter. Regardless if you continued watching you eventually meet a ‘colorful’ character, Gregor Clegane. Pictured above, you may have noticed the blood on his chest. This is standard for him as he enjoys murder and blood sport. “[Gregor Clegane kills the prisoners very brutally and mercilessly while Cersei watches. She approaches] Cersei Lannister: Ser Gregor, Welcome to the capital. Thank you for riding here so quickly. [Cersei glances at the dead bodies] Cersei Lannister: You seem to be in good form. Gregor Clegane: Who am I fighting? Cersei Lannister: Does it matter? [Gregor shakes his head]” (Game Of Thrones). This is why the quote from Reality Boy fits so well. Both Gerald and Gregor fight and maim with hopes to see some blood.

The quote paired with the picture can really sum up the central idea of Reality Boy. Gerald Faust is a seventeen year old boy who struggles
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It demonstrates how others are like him. Granted, he didn 't murder anybody but the intention to fight is all the same. “Maybe most other people are messed up, too. It just wasn 't aired on TV” (King 135). The quote highlights the picture because it not only shows Gregor 's intentions, but his inner feelings as well. Being the beast he is no one could love him. Even though his size is impressive and he 's not particularly unattractive, his kill count just keeps piling up. He will most likely just keep fighting and fighting until someone younger and stronger than him takes him down. It 's an unfortunate fate but one he chose for himself as he still intends to keep fighting. This is where the similarities between Gerald and Gregor end. Geral is able to fix himself up and quits going to the gym to practice his boxing and tries not to injure people when he

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