Gregor Dialectical Journal

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1.Gregory doesn’t like his job because he is only doing it to help his parents get out of debt. In his terrible dreams he only thinks about the traveling salesman job that he hates. 2. The picture is really important to him, because that picture represents his past. He is clinging to his past. It also represents wealth and he has this picture because he wants to be the woman with the fur the fur represents the wealth and that's how wealthy Gregor wants to be. 3. Yes, because he assumes that he has to live for others and not for himself. “I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.”, Gregor is not able to let his feelings out because he is filled with guilt …show more content…

When Gregor's father saw his condition he didn’t feel empathetic and only hated Gregor,“his father gave him a hard shove, which was truly his salvation, and bleeding profusely, he flew into his room”, Gregor's father is never really ever able to understand him and is always impatient with him and even. Grete although is nothing like the father, she is very kind to gregor and with her new responsibilities she has been helping the family a lot. “ whereas until now they had frequently been annoyed with her because she had struck them as being a little useless”, right when the family thought she was useless, Gregor’s condition had lead the family to discover how useful Grete really is. Mrs. Samsa protects Gregor because she care about him deeply and cannot stand the fact that he is a bug, “Let me go to Gregor, he is my unfortunate boy! Don't you understand that I have to go to him?” But at the end she also turns on like the rest of the family and stops caring for him, so they can start a new life …show more content…

Each family member experiences a metamorphosis, because each of them started to despise Gregor and thought that he was ridiculous. But in irony all of them also became savages and just waited for gregor to die to start a new lifestyle with his sister, so they were more disgusting and absurd than Gregor turning into a bug. “ [Mr. and Mrs. Samsa] thought that it would soon be time, too, to find her a good husband. And it was like a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions”, these were some of thoughts of the mother and father after the death of Gregor, this shows how little they cared for their son. They were ready to start a new life which symbolizes the metamorphosis the family is going through. They want to start their new life finding a husband for their

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