Gregor Duty To His Father

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Here Gregor is contemplating the impracticality of missing work, while completely ignoring the fact that he turned into a vermin. Gregor’s ignorance to his own personal problems highlights his dedication to pay off his family 's debts (pg 9), at the expense of his wellness. The overcast weather and the mention of his depressed mood creates a pessimistic mood which would feed into Gregor’s already gloomy outlook on life. His want to sleep and forget his problems shows a pressure that Gregor must always be under. His hardworking attitude doesn’t match up to his willingness to ignore his problems. The weight of working his parents ' debt off, must be constant and heavy enough for him to ignore his own responsibility for a few seconds of contemplation, even if he had shaken the thought off. He is so involved and alienated in his job and duty to his family, that his surroundings and…show more content…
He is willing to take on anyone in order to support his family, which plays into the theme of family duty. Also, Gregor’s determination and military experience (pg 12) is displayed in his plan making and strategizing to capture his manager. The loyalty to his family, displayed by working and trying his best to keep a job he doesn’t want, gives insight into Gregor’s character. The unhealthy relationship Gregor has with his family is very common for a character in Franz Kafka’s book. His own tumultuous relation reflected onto his characters lives. Gregor’s family has expectations regarding his life in the firm, which can also relate to Franz’s contention with his family over his writing. Franz’s projection of his family life onto Gregor could be foreshadowing the future of Gregor’s relationship with his family. The mood is very frantic as the manager is leaving and Gregor is rushing to change his mind. This frantic feeling allows the reader to relate to Gregor 's hurried state and anxiety surrounding his
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