Gregor In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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To start, even before readers know he has become a creature, they are made aware that Gregor has a particular disdain for his life and his job. He might as well be a visitor to his own home due to his job as a travelling salesman. Already it becomes clear that Gregor is not has happy and stable as he could be, and to top it all off, Gregor is not even all that concerned with his new form (Klingenstein 1.) His reasoning behind this apathy is that he is still the provider for his family, thus not allowing him time to dwindle on his transformation. Gregor’s apathy towards his new form shows not only that he cares deeply for his family, but also that the initial stress caused by his transformation is nothing compared to what he endures in his day to day life. Gregor’s …show more content…

Despite her best efforts, however, Grete’s fondness for Gregor begin to fade just as do the rest of the family’s (Sweeney 1.) She becomes more and more weary of him, even going so far as to outright avoid the room after seeing him. Eventually, the day to day caretaking of Gregor becomes a job for her, something she must do for the sake of the family. She feeds him as one who do any animal that is under their care. During the last portion of the the story, Grete even becomes hostile towards Gregor. As he leaves his room for the final time, Grete makes the remark, “We must try to get rid of it (Klingenstein 1.)” Her words here finalize that she no longers cares for Gregor in any way that could be considered remotely like love. Unlike Grete, Gregor’s mother regards him with fondness but it is more withdrawn. She takes a passive stance in the earlier portions of the novella, not seeing Gregor but not forgetting him either. Towards the middle of the story, she becomes aggressively adamant about seeing Gregor even at the dismay of her family. She exclaims that he is her son as it is her duty to love and care for him. Ironically, it is she who unintentionally causes a reasonably sized portion of his

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