Gregor Samsa In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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The story of Gregor Samsa’s transformation is sad when it comes to his family. There are his main family and his workmen and woman, that all tie into how Gregor is treated after his big transformation. He is told to the reader to be hideous and unrecognizable after he transforms. He keeps some of his humanity and self-worth, but that doesn’t stop his family from treating him differently.
First you have Grete Samsa, Gregor’s sister; she is important to how the story plays out. She shows great compassion for her brother and her emotions toward her brother are of kindness. She has great affection toward her brother before the transformation. After the transformation, she keeps how she feels and becomes her brother’s caretaker. For most of the story, she is the only human contact he encounters. Next, you have his father, he is emotionally exhausted and a bit of a failure. He is very hostile and rough after Gregor’s transformation. He shows no remorse and shows resentment toward his son. He was not there for his son and was an unpleasant man. Next, you have Gregor’s mother, she seems to be naïve when it comes to Gregor’s transformation. Grete and the father try to protect her from the true reality of the transformation. The mother is torn between love and fear toward her son. She comes off to the
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The maid has worked for the family for years. As she is finding out about Gregor’s transformation, she is terrified and orders the family to fire her. Next, you have the chairwoman; she is hired after the original maid quits. She is not afraid of Gregor’s transformation. She comes to terms of his transformation without fearing or having disgust for him. The last three people who are seen to be family, but are not blood related are the boarders. They are temporary workmen and woman. They desire order and cleanliness. As they find out about Gregor’s transformation, they show great fear toward
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