Gregor Samsa In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Franz Kafka brought light to one of the many unfortunate human realities that exist within the spectrum of various destinies. This reality is described as having an exhausting and depressing lifestyle with no choice, but to live through with it. Through his work The Metamorphosis, he conveyed this reality through the perspective of Gregor Samsa, an unwilling salesman who is the sole provider for his family’s income and he wakes up to unexpectedly find himself as an insect. His adult life contributed to the fate of being doomed as his relationships with family and work-related individuals proved unsuccessful, leading him to live a life of gloom and misery. However, his dramatic change from human to insect seemed to free Gregor from his obstacles as he embraced this new lifestyle without any questions or worries.…show more content…
Gregor declared, “what a strenuous profession I’ve chosen! Traveling in day in and day out...I would have walked right up to the boss and let my heart out to him.” (Kafka 11 and 12). This statement provides the bleak life Gregor must endure due to the burden of being the only family member able to work and provide income while dealing with his uncaring boss. He doesn’t have any other options as he only works under his employer because of his “family’s debt to him…” (Kafka 13). Jean Snook agrees as she insists, “...his employer shows no appreciation for Gregor’s humanity and seems bent only on getting the maximum return from his employee...They also use him up.” This in turn has only led to Gregor following orders, but never giving them which serves as a metaphor of him being a robot or insect, as it slowly disintegrates his own humanity, thus dooming him to a life of
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