Gregor Samsa Isolation In Frank Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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Gregor Samsa’s Isolation in Frank Kafka’s The Metamorphosis All throughout Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, a constant theme of isolation shows through the main character, Gregor Samsa, who one morning spontaneously transforms into an insect. Kafka displays a motif of solitude from the beginning of the story through Gregor’s desire to stay behind in his room and not go to work or go about any of his daily responsibilities. From the realization of his transition to a vermin, Gregor’s isolation is even more evident because of rejection he receives from his family members who do not understand what happened to him. The immediate presentation of isolation in the story suggests a foreshadowing of Gregor’s further rejection and seclusion resulting in…show more content…
The story is not only called “The Metamorphosis” because he is an insect, but it symbolizes the change in his life from this process. Gregor’s life entirely changes when this transformation happens to him. Despite Gregor’s appreciation for being alone, he constantly would listen in on his family’s conversations (Kafka 480). This shows that Gregor was hurt by his isolation, and that is was not such a great thing anymore now that it is forced on him from his family (Kafka 491). He has no choice but to remain unseen in order to please them and avoid…show more content…
He retreats back into his room one last time without anyone following behind him. “…He barely noticed that not a single word, not an ejaculation from his family, interfered with his progress.” (Kafka 497). His family did not believe that Gregor was still present. At this point in the story they are giving up on Gregor, and they want to put an end to him. They locked the door behind him and from then on they went about their lives without him. Gregor starts and ends the story in a state of isolation (Kafka 498). Gregor’s death was continuously foreshadowed throughout the story because he persistently grew weaker and more distant from him
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