Gregor Samsa Metamorphosis

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“One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.” This is the beginning of the end for Gregor Samsa. The metamorphosis had the ultimate effect in store for him: death. Aside from Gregor’s physical death, he also experiences the realization of the death of something more: his individuality. The effect the metamorphosis had on Gregor Samsa is the death of him physically and the realization that his individuality had perished; as well as all of the physical, mental, and social effects that accompanied the metamorphosis.
The effects of the metamorphosis on Gregor socially are a huge contributor to Gregor’s literal and figurative death. Throughout the story, Gregor faces
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As Grete starts to alienate Gregor and become more indifferent about him, Gregor gets increasingly agitated. Throughout the story, Gregor shows little impatience or agitation with his family and puts them on a bizarre, undeserved pedestal with all of his affection with the exception of when Grete in particular alienates him. Society’s alienation of Gregor, and Grete’s alienation in particular, is one of the main causes of Gregor’s death. Up until the point when Grete rejects Gregor after Gregor is drawn in by her violin playing, Gregor had hope of acceptance. After Gregor realizes society, including Grete, had completely alienated him, he gives up and lets himself die. When Gregor approaches Grete while she was playing the violin, the only thing he desired was for her to want him. “...but stay of her own free will; she would sit beside him on the couch with her ear bent down to him while he told her how he had always intended to send her to the conservatory…” The “stay of her own free will” portion of that sentence emphasizes Gregor’s desire for Grete to come into his room and be with him because Grete wanted to be with Gregor. As Gregor collected dust in his room and faced rejection from society, he still had hope. Gregor still had hope that Grete would accept him and that was the driving force
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