Gregor Symbolize In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis?

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In the tale of The Metamorphosis, a man named Gregor Samsa lives the life of a giant bug unexpectedly as it rained one evening, Gregor awoke to his body being a giant bug with a white spot on his belly. This posed as no threat to Gregor because he was marked for greatness. He began evaluating his surroundings and realized the time. It seemed as if a season had passed. Gregor quickly realized he will be late for work. He knows that thing to get up and go to work will be a quest considering he is a bug now. Trying to get up and ultimately struggling, he ends up missing the train. The departing of the trains symbolizes the departure of his previous life as a human and how he has faced his new life. While he was still on the bed Gregor knew he had to get up and try to catch the late train while trying to accomplish that he had fallen off his bed onto the ground this symbolizes that his new profound freedom as a bug and what he is subjected to do now.…show more content…
After the commotion of Gregor first day of becoming a bug he had awoke to the smell of food from which his sister made this shows that his sister Grete has accepted the fact that Gregor is not himself and he wont be able to work again if he doesn’t change back. While Gregor was still a bug he started to get the hang of his new bug like abilities like climbing up the wall this is similar to the supernatural talent of some heroes in the
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